Cut freight costs, add capacity and create a sustainable supply chains.

Intermodal transport is a term used to describe a shipment and delivery strategy that involves the use of two or more different modes of transportation. A strategy of this type may involve a combination of methods that includes the use various shipment options that fall into the broad categories of air, rail, and over the road transportation.

Evolutions intermodal transportation program cut freight costs, add capacity and create a sustainable supply chain for its clients when talking about combining truck and rail services for its clients. Companies shipping truckloads over 700 miles now have a real alternative to trucking their freight through an intermodal service. More and more shippers are relying on door-to-door intermodal service on 53′, 45′ and 40′ equipment to maximize shipping lane capacity, minimize costs and guarantee reliable delivery of their products.

Land, Railroad, and Air Shipments.

Managed and seen as a regular truckload service, Evolutions Logistics offers both standard and expedited services through its various Class I railroad relationships, where clients do not sacrifice speed for savings over the road options.

For importers bringing ocean containers to any US port with cargo to be delivering anywhere in the US, transloading and intermodal service is the away to go.  Just by benefiting from the additional cubic capacity that a 53′ domestic containercan offer over its’ 40′ international counterpart is the way to go. Depending on volume by transloading cargo from a 40’ ocean container to 53’ domestic containers one can save using less domestic containers to move the cargo coming in ocean containers, moreover, usually the cost of moving cargo on ocean containers is much higher that moving cargo on domestics 53’, since cargo containers have to be brought back to the port or relocated to a container facility where the steamship line charges the client the relocation fees.

Evolution provides creative, cost effective, single source solutions with our intermodal transport service.

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