A one stop shop for all your international moves.

Evolution Logistics provides you with any domestic as well as any international move. From Air to ocean, from small parcels to over dimensional pieces, our services go from FCL to LCL and air, which are our day to day activities. In addition to the common standard service, that we do to perfection, we can offer customs brokerage service, on the import and export side, as well as HazMat certification for any cargo. We can provide all that is needed for an international standard move, we can be your one stop shop for all your international moves.

However, where we can really make a difference in the international arena is with our Project Division. Mining, Oil & Gas projects where we exploit and maximize all our domestic capabilities in combination with our international skills to provide an integrated solution, an A to Z response to the utmost complex projects.

On the domestic side, Evolution’s shipping network of heavy haul trucking companies and oversize shipping companies is large enough to move any size cargo to and from anywhere in the US, including export and domestic ports. Given the multitude of axle configurations of our network of trucking companies, we have the capacity to haul loads up to 400,000 pounds. The expertise of our contractors and drivers have enabled us to service a diverse customer base in different industries. These markets include Mining, Oil and Gas to name a few.

Our commitment to meet customer needs in the Heavy Haul Trucking sector has driven us to pursue the most sophisticated and wide range of specific equipment in the market from but not limited to

  • Regular Flat Beds
  • Extended Flat beds
  • Regular Drop Decks
  • Extendable Drop decks
  • Double drop Extendable
  • 9-13 Axle configurations
  • Double Neck Super 13 axle
  • 19 Axle configurations
  • Dual Lane Dollies systems

An extensive network of ocean and air carriers.

On the international side, we have an extensive network of ocean and air carriers that can accommodate any size cargo. Oversized/overweight and special cargo can be transported via ocean, using roll-on roll-off or break bulk vessels. Break bulk vessels are general cargo vessels designed to efficiently handle break bulk loads. Evolution Logistics works with the largest SSL Break bulk cargo providers on specific lanes around the world and at the same time with cargo vessel brokers, that can accommodate and provide any size ship to move from/to any port in the world. With its own cranes, usually break bulk cargo carriers are usually self-sufficient capable of doing its own loading and unloading, which provides with an advantage when unloading in remote ports or terminals.

On the air side, we have contracts with all major cargo airlines. However if there is an emergency or if volume makes sense we can charter air cargo planes from Cessna 206 (2,000 Lbs) to Antonov AN-124 (260,000 Lbs) we can provide a tailor made solution to your international project needs in less than 24 hours.

In short, we transport equipment and supplies and handle complex logistics for Mining, Oil and Gas companies, sometimes in the toughest environments around the world. With a variety of intermodal service options, we have the expertise, experience, infrastructure and personnel to handle anything you need shipped, trucked or flown onshore or offshore. We specialize in oversized cargo, let the Evolution Team work for you and be your partner through your next important project.