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Temperature Control Delivery

Temperature data recording, online tracking and tracing and central booking.

Temperature Control

A vast network of temperature controlled trucks.

On top of the usual shipment protocol required for moving consumer goods in a time-sensitive supply chain, temperature control shipments usually have limited shelf life and demand special handling, both in storage and in transport. Time lost in transshipment translates at best to a shortened selling window; at worst to dead inventory or unsatisfied consumers. Accuracy and compliance requirements for perishables, therefore, are among the tightest in the industry.

Evolution Logistics has contracts with the largest temperature control providers in the US providing refrigerated trucking service to any point in the United States, Canada or Mexico. We offer our customers access to a network of thousands of temperature controlled trucks. These units can transport refrigerated or frozen foods as well as temperature sensitive cargo through all sorts of outdoor weather fluctuations. Our customers can be assured of equipment availability when the market is in prime. With the ability to maintain temperatures between -20 to 80 degrees F., our trailers can handle everything from meat to chocolate, from cosmetics to ice cream.

Temperature Control

Constant Temperature Monitoring

Evolution logistics, understands the Temperature Control environment, and acts accordingly with constant temperature monitoring. Each refrigeration unit on each truck is monitor making sure the cargo is at the precise degree specified by the shipper.

In addition to full truck temperature control service, Evolution logistics is one of the fewest logistics providers that offer refrigerated LTL shipments. Those who are capable of refrigerated and frozen shipments generally do not have the resources allowing them to transport an LTL shipment but at Evolution Logistics, we have a nationwide footprint of providers allowing us to service all regions of all 50 states.

Evolution logistics works closely with each of our service providers to ensure full satisfaction from all our clients and partners. With Temperature data recording, Online tracking and tracing and Central booking and administration, Evolutions temperature control service can be consider one of the best in the industry.

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